Making a positive change to your physique & overall well-being can be extremely hard work, especially if you aren’t 100% sure what you’re doing.

There are plenty of fad diets and training programs out there, more so now than ever before. Instagram, Facebook and Youtube are all inundated with literally thousands of fitness “experts”. But how do you know which ones have the right approach for you?

That Instagram model is super fit, and in great shape! Surely she has all the right answers to help you get in shape too, right?

The girl on Youtube with millions of followers must be a wizard of physiological know-how.

… Not necessarily. Simply being in shape and looking good on social media does not indicate health and fitness expertise.

Doing a few squats and push-ups on youtube doesn’t make someone a training & lifestyle encyclopedia.

Really, these “experts” are just good at keeping themselves in shape. Dealing with the fitness journey of other people is an entirely different thing, requiring an entirely different approach.

That is where Jandaplex sets itself apart. As a Lifestyle Coach and Personal Trainer, I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life constantly investing in the latest courses and seminars – I even hired my own coach/mentor for several years. This allowed me to gain a wealth of in-depth understanding of nutrition, sleep, stress, toxicity and exercise and how all of these things play a part in your individual journey to better health and happiness.

I’m not interested in simply helping you look better in the mirror. I want to improve your whole life. You’ll be stronger, fitter, leaner and healthier than you ever imagined, all without turning into a “gym junkie” or “fitness freak”.

I like to keep it real, and focus on educating my clients about the process they are undertaking. I help them really understand what their body is going through so that they can make real, lasting change – to not only their image, but their entire outlook on life.

With Jandaplex, you get real guidance. You get real understanding. You get The Whole Package.

Before meeting Mike and starting his program, I had never been to a gym or done any weight training. Now more than a year later, I look forward to my workouts with Mike & the girls, and my body has totally transformed!

I’ve learned how to eat properly, and to lift weights which I never thought I’d be able to move. And what’s more, is that it’s actually really fun!


What to expect

  • You will learn a great deal about how your body works, and build a healthy relationship with it. Literally everything you eat, do and think has the ability to affect your body either positively or negatively. I’ll teach you to find a healthy balance.
  • You will not be “smashed” or “punished” with rigorous training – within reason. Each individual has different requirements, fitness levels and considerations, all of which I observe very closely when designing your program. I am also a big advocate of doing things “smart, not hard” wherever possible.
  • You will not have to eat like a monk, cutting calories and being allowed nothing but salad. Instead, you will develop an appreciation for real food, and learn to enjoy treats without compromising results. (Again; smart, not hard.)
  • Be willing to exercise at least 4 times per week – every 2nd day on average. You’ll learn new skills, and how different types of exercise produce different results.
  • You will not be expected to eat things you don’t enjoy – again, within reason. Nutrition guidelines are designed with preferences in mind, however certain criteria and quotas must be met for a successful result.
  • You will need to work hard. I’ll guide you and show you the right path, but you must be prepared to follow it.
  • As I often tell my clients – For change to occur, you must make changes. Be prepared to change some of your lifestyle behaviours.
  • The closer you stick to the guidelines, the quicker the results will come.
  • Results vary from person to person, as everyone’s biology is different. Have patience and be consistent. Transformation of this nature does not come overnight.
  • You will develop a new love and appreciation for your body, after all it’s the only one you will ever have. You deserve to feel as strong, as happy and as healthy as you possibly can. Have fun and enjoy the journey!

Michael Janda

Experienced Strength & Wellness Coach

I’m Michael Janda, owner/operator of Jandaplex. I’m a highly experienced Strength & Wellness Coach, and have spent 8 years running a successful Personal Training franchise with Fitness First in Sydney. Over the past decade, I’ve achieved impressive results with hundreds of clients. Now I’m proud to be a part of my very own brand.

Currently based on the Gold Coast, I am a strong believer in practicing what I preach. My passion is to lead by example to educate, inspire and guide you to better health and happiness than you ever thought possible.

Jandaplex is the cumulation of all my experience and knowledge in everything health, nutrition, lifestyle, strength and fitness brought together to help you become the best you can be. My collection of helpful videos, articles, training programs, tips and philosophies is at your fingertips at!