Squat workout tips


Squats are one of the most efficient, bang-for-your-buck exercises out there. When done correctly, they’ll do absolute wonders for your strength, fitness and mobility. Unfortunately, squats are also one of the most poorly performed exercises in most gyms.
I’ve decided to make a quick video to help you nail your squat technique to get the most out of this great exercise!


1: Pull the bar. This activates the Latisimus Dorsi muscles (lats), which connect to the entire thoracic spine and keep it straight throughout the squat.

2: Turn your feet slightly out, and spread the knees hard. This will activate the glutes and ensure the knees follow the angle of your feet to avoid torsion on the knee joint and prevent injury.

3: Hold your breath throughout the squat. Breathe in at the top of each repetition, and be sure to HOLD your breath at the bottom. This helps to keep the core engaged, so the shoulders stay pulled back, and the spine stays upright. This allows the legs to “drive” the weight back up at a neat angle.

NOTE: These tips only apply if your range of motion isn’t compromised by lack of mobility or poor posture. If you cannot drop your hips below knee level without coming onto your toes or leaning/bending forward, you need to train to improve your mobility before you are ready to squat.
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Happy Squatting!