When spring rolls around each year, many of us begin playing a crazy game of “catch up” to get rid of the winter fat layer as quickly as possible before summer approaches. If you are guilty of this, then this article is for you. I’m going to share some of the key reasons why it’s best to maintain your summer body throughout winter, instead of scrambling to get in shape over those fleeting final weeks of spring each year. I’ll also give some of my favourite tips for staying in shape during winter.

Why Should you Stay in Shape During Winter?

It’s no secret that during winter, we like to cover up. We all like to look good, but when nobody can see the body you’ve worked so hard on, what’s the point? Before you do anything else, you must do away with this method of thinking. I often tell my clients,

“If you only train to look good, it will never last. If you train to be strong and healthy, looking good will come as a bonus.”

My most successful clients all go by this philosophy. When you stop worrying solely about appearance and aesthetics, and focus more on building good habits that are both healthy AND enjoyable, then the REAL results start to happen.

How can I Stay in Shape During Winter?

Now that we’ve investigated the “why”, now we can explore “how” to stay in shape during winter. Here are a few tips:

This should be common sense, but in our society common sense unfortunately isn’t very common. Exercise releases endorphins, which are chemicals that improve our mood. Training during winter won’t only keep you in shape, but it will also help fight the depression often brought on by the cold, bleak weather. This will help you tackle the rest of your daily tasks with more optimism and focus.

If you have a structured, well balanced training routine, (like you should), you won’t stop training at any time of year. You should always be working on something specific, whether it be a heavier squat, faster sprint time, an improved chin-up, it doesn’t matter. Having basic goals is paramount for maintaining a consistent training habit. If motivation is a problem, simply focus on building a habit first. There’s a famous saying: “Motivation gets you started, habit keeps you going.”

Find Foods to Eat Which are Delicious AND Healthy.

This is extremely important in winter, when it’s so easy to reach for those comfort foods on a cold evening. Instead of a bowl of pasta, have a lamb shank stew. Swap your cup of Cadbury’s hot chocolate for a dark, organic hot chocolate or even simply enjoy a warm cup of tasty, nourishing chicken broth. Nothing will make you feel warmer or more satisfied.

Eating well in the colder months will not only keep you in top shape, but you’ll also be supplying your brain and organs with all the nutrients they need to keep you feeling happy and vital. To me, that’s WAY more important than simply looking good.

Stay Hydrated.

It’s very easy to neglect our water intake during the colder months, understandably. Nobody wants to sip cold water when it’s already a struggle to keep warm. For this reason, we are often more dehydrated in winter than we are in the warmer months, but we don’t even notice! To get around this, I tell my clients to drink extra water during workouts throughout winter, to accommodate for possibly forgetting to stay hydrated at other times in the day.
Keeping well hydrated at all times will stimulate your metabolism, clear the body of toxins, and lubricate the joints & organs just to name a few benefits. There’s a reason water is so vital to our wellbeing!

Staying in shape during winter may seem challenging at first, but if you build good habits, focus on nourishing your body and actually ENJOYING it, you’ll find it’s actually far easier than yo-yoing in and out of shape every time the seasons change. It’s also much better for you, and your body will thank you for it. So give it a try! Build your summer body this winter, and keep it!

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Until next time.