best meal ideas for mums

I call this accidental because that’s exactly what it was – an accident. It was actually meant to be pad see ew, which is my all-time fave Thai recipe, and although it certainly is delicious, it doesn’t taste anything like pad see ew (likely because the traditional dish is packed with sugar!).

Anywhooo, after I accepted that I wouldn’t be satisfying my pad see ew cravings, I persevered and the result was a good ole, incredibly tasty, chicken stir-fry. It got the thumbs up from both mum and dad – who is particularly fussy – and of course, myself! Yum!

Like my other recipes, nutrition is a massive consideration in this dish. Firstly, and what I consider most importantly, I used organic chicken thighs. I could go on an endless spiel about why I choose to only eat organic, grass-fed meats when I can. Long story short, generic meats are often pumped with fillers, hormones, antibiotics and often fed poor quality foods which we eventually end up ingesting ourselves. Commercially-raised chicken is not only lower in omega-3 fatty acids but is considered a xenoestrogen; something which has estrogen like effects, leading to estrogen dominance and, ultimately, hormone imbalance.

As I said, this is a very long story which has been cut very very short, so feel free to do a bit of research for yourself if you desire (be aware of just reading articles written/sponsored by chicken companies themselves).

Enough with the chicken!

I won’t ramble about each ingredient as I have done with the chicken, but I will mention that each is nutritionally amazing and has its own list of body-loving benefits. In particular, the broccoli (also organic), ginger, garlic, and chilli are all incredibly valuable to the liver, the proper functioning of which is absolutely vital for adequate health. So, if you’re looking for a dish which is as nutritious as it is tasty, then this is your guy! Or girl!



– 1 packet organic chicken thighs (mine weighed approx. 400g)

– 4 garlic cloves (minced or finely chopped)

– cube of fresh ginger (approx. 2cm 2, minced or finely chopped)

– 1 small red chilli (finely chopped) – I deseeded mine, but if you like a bit of heat then keep those little seeds!

– 4 TBSP tamari or coconut aminos (delicious)

– 3 tsp coconut sugar

– ½ floret organic broccoli

– 2 carrots (approx. 150g in total)

– handful of baby spinach, or leafy greens of your choice (roughly chopped)

– 1 ½ tsp fish sauce

– 1 egg (beaten)

– sesame seeds (toasted)

– coconut oil

– fresh lime & coriander to serve

*these amounts created a dish which was enough to serve myself, my mum and my dad. Keeping in mind my mum and I had quite small servings.


1. Firstly, prepare the chicken by cutting into small, evenly sized, chunks. Place them into a bowl with the tamari, fish sauce, ginger and coconut sugar. Set aside.

2. While the chicken marinades, prepare the veggies. The broccoli can be cut into thin slices, length ways, stalk and all!

*lots of people screw their face up at using the stalk, but it is one of the best bits of the broccoli and is almost unidentifiable if you cut it up small enough. The intention for the carrot is to be made into ‘noodles’. This can be done by using a potato peeler to shave off thin slices. Set aside.

3. Heat the coconut oil in a frypan on medium heat and add the chicken. Cook for approx. 2 mins or until the chicken is just cooked on the outside. Add the chilli, garlic and broccoli and cook for a further 3 minutes or until the broccoli is soft.

4. Add the carrot noodles and continue cooking for 1-2 mins, ensuring by this time that the chicken is cooked through.

5. Try and expose a small part of the base of the frypan by pushing the contents to the side and pour in the beaten egg, stirring until it scrambles. Once scrambled, add the leafy greens and toasted sesame seeds and stir well to combine everything together.

6. You’re ready to serve! Which you can do however you like, but I recommend topping with some fresh coriander and squeeze of lime.

7. Enjoy!