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Explore different training methods, and gain an understanding of what works best for you and why.

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I’ll help you develop a new appreciation for real food. Plus show you how to treat yourself without compromising results.

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Build lasting habits to help you become stronger, healthier & happier than you’ve ever been!

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Any positive outcome happens by simply following the right steps with the right mindset.
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Before meeting Mike and starting his program, I had never been to a gym or done any weight training. Now more than a year later, I look forward to my workouts with Mike & the girls, and my body has totally transformed!

I’ve learned how to eat properly, and to lift weights which I never thought I’d be able to move. And what’s more, is that it’s actually really fun!


Fresh tips and recipes from the blog

How hard do you need to train to get optimal results?

How hard do you need to train to get optimal results?

Exercise is generally the first thing people turn to when they embark on any kind of heath or fitness journey. It’s widely assumed that the harder and more often you train, the quicker results will come. But more isn’t always better. We’ve all seen the Hollywood...

Spiced Apple Custard-Crumble

Spiced Apple Custard-Crumble

This creation was the result of another abundance of fruit in desperate need of some attention. My uncle recently visited and kindly brought along with him a rather large bag of organic apples. We still aren’t positive what type they were, however they looked...

Michael Janda

Experienced Strength & Wellness Coach

I’m Michael Janda, owner/operator of Jandaplex. I’m a highly experienced Strength & Wellness Coach, and have spent 8 years running a successful Personal Training franchise with Fitness First in Sydney. Over the past decade, I’ve achieved impressive results with hundreds of clients. Now I’m proud to be a part of my very own brand.

Currently based on the Gold Coast, I am a strong believer in practicing what I preach. My passion is to lead by example to educate, inspire and guide you to better health and happiness than you ever thought possible.

Jandaplex is the cumulation of all my experience and knowledge in everything health, nutrition, lifestyle, strength and fitness brought together to help you become the best you can be. My collection of helpful videos, articles, training programs, tips and philosophies is at your fingertips at jandaplex.com!